Ifsheen Akhtar

Executive Director of Education (Early Years & Primary)


As a skilled and enthusiastic Head teacher with comprehensive experience of developing school systems and teaching and learning, my background and passion for education positions me to significantly impact the education sector.
School management, personalised learning programs, and innovative educational techniques, strategies and approaches are just a few of my areas of my expertise.
Highlights of my qualifications include:
Excelling as a Head teacher at Shelley First School and Arab International School where I have built capacity and lead on initiatives that enhance the educational systems and experiences of students.
Mentoring, coaching, and leading leaders, teachers and support staff. Helping them to hone and modify their teaching skills and techniques while simultaneously acclimating them to the school’s culture, practices, and protocol.
Attaining ‘Outstanding’ from Ofsted for my leadership and management skills.
Coordinating Initial Teacher Training and building strong partnerships with over eight teacher training providers/universities.
As part of the Department for Education teacher training provider accredited team, delivering the reviewed teacher training program to over 200 Early Career teachers as an ECT facilitator.
Building strong relationships with all stakeholders including students, parents, school staff, board and governors to ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

Participating actively on numerous committees and task forces including being a board member for Bradford University, which focused on curriculum development, fundraising and school community relations.
Attaining PD lead accreditation by the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Practice in Mathematics at Chester University which certified me to deliver professional development training to any educational institute across England as a representative for the British government.
Working collaboratively with the Department for Education, local authority and the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub to improve standards of education across England. Providing over 100 schools with bespoke support, workshops, conferences and training in order to develop the Teaching for Mastery approach which was adopted following extensive research conducted in Shanghai. Evaluation of this program showed a huge increase in Mathematics attainment across England.
Working with leaders across schools to ensure they are up to date with current educational practices and pedagogy.