Teacher Training & CPD (UK and Overseas)

Teacher CPD (UK and Overseas)

Elevate your teaching staff to new heights of excellence with our dynamic teacher training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs.

Led by our qualified senior leaders with extensive experience in delivering training for the Department for Education (DfE), our programs are designed to empower educators with the latest pedagogical approaches and best practices. From innovative teaching methods to effective classroom management techniques, our training sessions cover a wide range of areas to enhance teaching skills and boost student outcomes.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every training session is engaging, practical, and tailored to meet the needs of educators at all levels.

Invest in the professional development of your teaching staff today and watch your school thrive.

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Teacher Training (UK and Overseas)

At EE, we empower educators with essential knowledge and skills for the evolving educational landscape through comprehensive training in curriculum planning, teaching pedagogies, and assessment. Our evidence-based strategies and practical tools help create effective, engaging, and inclusive learning environments.

Curriculum Planning: We equip teachers to design, implement, and refine curricula that meet standards and diverse student needs. Using the backward design model and curriculum mapping, educators ensure alignment and consistency across years and subjects. Practical activities and group discussions foster collaboration and continuous improvement.

Teaching Pedagogies: Our training covers direct instruction, enquiry-based learning, and collaborative learning, emphasising adaptation to meet all learners’ needs. Interactive discussions and hands-on exercises enable teachers to design and implement effective lesson plans.

Assessment: Educators learn formative and summative assessment techniques, including quizzes, peer assessments, standardised tests, and projects. Practical exercises and group discussions help develop clear, fair, and comprehensive assessment plans tailored to specific contexts.

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Teacher Training & CPD