About Us

Our Vision

To ensure every school can provide the best education for every child; Educating Excellence will deliver outstanding leadership strategies which shall have an instant impact on performance

Who are EE

Our experienced team includes educationalists, professionals, teachers, academics and business leaders who are well placed to deliver our vision.

We have combined 50 plus years of experience in both education, business, training, mentoring and school leadership.

We Understand the Challenge

We understand the challenges school leaders face. It is an endless task to have complete oversight and management of all areas. With the national push to drive up standards despite financial constraints the job is becoming increasingly more difficult.

We aim to provide all the solutions

We aim to provide the solutions to meet these challenges and have developed tools to deliver in all areas, such as compliance, health and safety, safeguarding and behaviour, data and results, SMSCD, teaching & learning, performance management.

We are a Team

We are a team who work together, constantly striving to make education work for every child regardless of background or starting point. Every child deserves substantial progress and to

be proud of their school’s achievements. Every school is unique, and we work alongside leadership to understand what they require to achieve their goals.

We Offer Continuous Support

We offer continuous support for all schools we work with, approachable, dynamic and innovative.

We are confident we will find a solution to any problem you present. We will audit your existing procedures to ensure they are efficient.

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