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Educating Excellence is responsible for the innovation behind the ground-breaking project that evaluates and identifies barriers-to-learning for pupils, right from the Early years stage through to when they leave school at the age of 16. Following diagnosis, the system allows pupils and teachers to create Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that will help bridge the gap of pupils with their peers. We envisage that over the next 5 years the system will save the government over £3 billion pounds through early intervention alone.

The impact of early intervention includes factors that will help tackle mental health issues, children falling into the NEET category, levelling-up and reliance on state support. The above will help decrease hospitalisation, cost to social services, cost to the criminal justice system, to name a few.

The new system has a number of different components that each has a positive impact for the different users. For pupils and students, it will create individual pathways after identifying gaps. For teachers and middle-leaders, it will help with planning and save on staffing costs with online learning. For school leaders, it will help with staff deployment and help raise overall school standards. For parents, it will help with supporting.

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Game Changing Solutions for the Educational Sector

Educating Excellence (EE) is a company dedicated to revolutionising education, ensuring that every child receives the best possible learning experience, regardless of their background or starting point. With a visionary approach, EE caught the attention of many, including Innovate UK, amid the global educational challenges brought about by Covid-19.

Through strategic partnerships with Leeds Becket University, Hertfordshire University, and Inter-Tech, EE secured a substantial grant of half a million pounds. This funding will fuel the development of online systems powered by Artificial Intelligence. These innovative tools will not only identify learning gaps among students but also address staff and student welfare concerns and pinpoint missed content within the curriculum.

This ground-breaking initiative marks a significant milestone for the education sector worldwide. EE’s selection for this funding, amidst stiff competition from 2669 applicants, underscores their exceptional achievement.

Mr. Yasir Patel, CEO of EE, expresses his delight at the recognition from both the government and Innovate UK for their solutions to the educational challenges posed by Covid-19. From its inception, EE has been driven by a mission to transform children’s education, irrespective of their backgrounds. With years of experience working closely with local and national schools, EE is now poised to extend its impact globally, thanks to the support received through this funding.

Mr Master has been in the educational sector for over 20 years and understands there are many barriers to children’s learning which need to be broken down for children to reach their full potential. He has a vision of ensuring every child has a right to good quality education.
Mr Master is honoured to be helping the economy by creating hundreds of jobs in the multi million-pound industry.
These are exciting times for Educating Excellence and their partners – Leeds Becket University, Hertfordshire University, and Inter- Tech.