Redstone Academy

In 2019 we were received a full inspection under the new framework and were deemed ‘Inadequate’. Our knowledge of the new framework and general standards was limited and we required help from an outside consultancy as advised by the DfE. However, many consultancies work on a per hour basis and the return on investment is little.

Educating Excellence contacted us after reading our report and offered their services as a consultancy that is different to the rest and they can help us meet the standards in the areas we were deficient. And that is exactly what they did.

They started with a complete root to branch breakdown of our school and started working from scratch making their school almost like their own and so that passion and drive was there for us to succeed as opposed to any other consultancy we have met. Educating Excellence made it their goal to ensure we were successful for the sake of the school, the teachers and more importantly the children. They would work and be at the end of the phone day or night and worked with us right up until our follow up monitoring inspection which showed that ‘all stadards have been met’.

Their commitment and enthusiasm was second to none and even to this day we contact them and they are at the end of the phone for any help or advice we need. I can’t thank Educating Excellence enough for the knowledge they imparted to my SLT and myself which I turn we imparted to our staff creating a robust structure that had responsibilities on every level!

Thank you Educating Excellence for all your help and support over the years and hope to continue to work with them for many years to come.

Sadaat Rasool
Executive Headteacher

Redstone Academy for Boys
Redstone Academy for Girls.